15th Annual

Magnetic Recording Conference


Millennium Harvest House–Boulder, Colorado, USA


TMRC 2004





August 11-13, 2004


Sponsored by the IEEE Magnetics Society and cosponsored by:

Data Storage Systems Center (DSSC)

Carnegie Mellon University

Center for Magnetic Recording Research (CMRR)

University of California, San Diego

Institute for Information Storage Technology (IIST)

Santa Clara University

Center for Micromagnetics & Information Technologies

(MINT) – University of Minnesota

Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT)

University of Alabama

Center for Research on Information Storage Materials

(CRISM) – Stanford University

Computer Mechanics Laboratory (CML)

University of California, Berkeley

Steering Committee

Conference Chair Local Chair Gerardo Bertero Ron B. Goldfarb

Komag, Inc. National Institute of Standards and

1710 Automation Parkway Technology

San Jose, CA 95131 325 Broadway

Tel. (408) 576-2895 Boulder, CO 80305

Tel. (303) 497-3650

gerardo.bertero@komag.com Fax. (303) 497-5316


Program Chair Program Chair

Dieter Weller Yoichiro Tanaka

Seagate Technology Core Technology Center

1251 Waterfront Place Toshiba Corp.

Pittsburgh, PA 15222 Ome, Tokyo 198-8710, Japan

Tel. (412) 918-7128 Tel. +81-428-34-3030

Fax (412) 918-7222 Fax. +81-428-30-7366

dieter.weller@seagate.com yoichiro.tanaka@toshiba.co.jp

Poster Chair Publicity Chair Kurt Wiesen Thomas M. Coughlin P.O. Box 133 Coughlin Associates

Lyons, CO 80540 1665 Willowmont Ave.

San Jose, CA 95124 Tel. (303) 931-2839 Tel. (408) 978-8184

Fax. (408) 978-8184

kurt.wiesen@greenspeedisp.net tom@tomcoughlin.com

Treasurer Publications Chair

Joost Mortelmans Timothy M. Reith

Hitachi GST Research Professor CUY/281, 5600 Cottle Rd. P.O. Box 210077 San Jose, CA 95193 The University of Arizona

Tel. (408) 256-2858 Tucson, AZ 85721-0077

Fax. (408) 256-1603 Tel. (520) 232-9557

joost.mortelmans@hgst.com tmreith@comcast.net


Al Hoagland

IIST - School of Engineering,

Santa Clara University

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95053, USA

Tel. (408) 554-3032

Fax. (408) 554-7841



I am pleased to announce the 15th annual TMRC conference to be held August 11-13, 2004, at the Millennium Harvest House in beautiful Boulder, Co. The main focus in TMRC 2004 is in media including both magnetic and head-media interface properties. Topics of particular interest are perpendicular recording media, antiferromagnetic-coupled media, thermal stability, tribology and future, advanced recording media such as patterned and thermally assisted recording media.

Programs Co-Chairs, Dieter Weller and Yoichiro Tanaka, have assembled an impressive program of thirty-six invited talks distributed over six sessions. The program for this year is heavily skewed toward perpendicular media since it is forecasted that perpendicular recording technology may enter the market in commercial drives as soon as next year; an event undoubtedly awaited by all with great interest.

This year's TMRC is special in other ways. The conference was last held in Boulder in 1998, so we are truly excited to be able to return to an area that is home to many magnetic storage companies and related research institutes and laboratories. We have also coordinated with the organizers of the North American Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Conference (NAPMRC) to offer both NAPMRC and TMRC consecutively, in the same venue. NAPMRC (August 10) will concentrate on heads and systems, and TMRC (August 11-13) will feature perpendicular media talks on the first day of its program.

All papers are invited, with 30 minutes allotted for presentation and questions. There are no parallel sessions, and all peer-reviewed and accepted papers will be published in a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. The poster sessions, organized by Kurt Wiesen, will contain all the invited talks plus selected student contributions.

Boulder's climate in the summer is dry and pleasant. Boulder has several cultural events in August, including the Colorado Music Festival and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival. There are a number of museums and plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking and sight-seeing. Because Boulder is a popular tourist destination in the summer, I advise you make your hotel reservation and conference registration early.

On behalf of the entire TMRC 2004 Organizing Committee, I encourage you to join us in making this conference the big success it has been in previous years.

Gerardo Bertero

Conference Chairman

Industry Sponsors: Heraeus, Komag, Seagate, and Coughlin Associates

Conference Location and Date:

TMRC 2004 will be held Wednesday-Friday, August 11-13, 2004, at the Millennium Harvest House in Boulder, Colorado. It will immediately follow the North American Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Conference (NAPMRC) held on August 10 at the same venue. See http://www.napmrc.org/

The Boulder-Longmont-Louisville-Broomfield area is home to several companies and institutions active in magnetic information storage. These include StorageTek, Seagate, Maxtor, Quantum, Sun Microsystems, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the University of Colorado (Colorado Center for Information Storage).

Boulder's climate in the summer is dry and pleasant. If you plan to visit the mountains, the evenings are cold and you will need a warm jacket and cap. Boulder has several cultural events in August, including the Colorado Music Festival (through August 6, http://www.coloradomusicfest.org/ ) and the Colorado Shakespeare Festival (through August 15, http://www.coloradoshakes.org/ ).

Because Boulder is a popular tourist destination in the summer, early conference registration and hotel reservations are strongly advised. Information about Boulder and Boulder County may be found at Boulder Community Network < http://bcn.boulder.co.us > and the Boulder Chamber of Commerce < http://www.boulderchamber.com/ >.

Area Attractions

Nearby attractions include the famous Pearl Street pedestrian mall (shops, galleries, restaurants, street performers, and street people), the Dushanbe teahouse (near the Pearl Street mall), the University of Colorado (Henderson Museum, Fiske Planetarium), the Boulder Museum of History (pioneer artifacts), Celestial Seasonings Tea Company (tours), Leanin' Tree Museum of Western Art, Flagstaff mountain (city overlook, hiking, and Boulder's most expensive restaurant), Boulder mountain parks (hiking), the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR, self-guided tours), Rocky Mountain National Park and the town of Estes Park (high-altitude sight seeing and vacationing), the gaming towns of Blackhawk and Central City (the odds are against you), Coors brewery in Golden (tour and free samples), and the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons (August 11-13, http://www.planetbluegrass.com/ ).

For an index to the arts and cultural events in Colorado, see < http://www.artslynx.org/colorado/webs.htm >.

Registration Desk and Message Center

The conference registration desk and message center will be in the Millennium Room, adjacent to the room for the poster sessions. Refreshments, informal discussion tables, and message boards will also be in the Millennium Room.


Wed. 11th

Thurs. 12th

Fri. 13 th


7AM - 4:30PM

8 – 10 AM

8 – 10 AM

7:45 - 8:30AM







8:30 – 11:30AM

Session A

Session C

Session E

11:30 – 1:30PM




1:30 – 4:30PM

Session B

Session D

Session F

4:30 – 6:30PM



6:30 – 9:00PM


Oral Sessions: Grand Ballroom, 2nd floor
Full breakfasts: Thyme on the Creek (for those staying at Millennium Harvest House hotel, obtain coupons upon hotel check-in)
Continental breakfasts: Millennium Room (for those not staying at the conference hotel)
Lunches: Outdoor Pavilion
Poster sessions: Century Room and Flatiron Rooms
Bierstube: Millennium Room
Banquet: Outdoor Pavilion, Thursday 8/12, 6:30-9:00 PM

Program Agenda:

Session A: Wednesday 8:30 – 11:30 AM

Perpendicular Media I

Chair: Rajiv Ranjan, Seagate Technology LLC


Composite Media for Perpendicular Magnetic Recording

R. Victora, University of Minnesota


Towards the Understanding of Grain-to-Grain Anisotropy Field Variation in Thin Film Media

J.-G. Zhu, CMU


High Density Perpendicular Recording Media with Large Grain Separation

M. Igarashi, Hitachi


High Density Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media of Granular Type (FePt/MgO)/Soft Underlayer

T. Suzuki, Toyota Technical Institute


High Anisotropy Nanocluster Films for High Density Perpendicular Recording

D. Sellmyer, University of Nebraska


Thermal Stability and Erasure Analysis of Conventional and Tilted Perpendicular Media

K. Gao, Seagate Technology LLC

Session B: Wednesday 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Perpendicular Media II

Chair: Yuzuru Hosoe, Hitachi Corporation


Magnetic Anisotropy of CoPtCr-SiO2 Perpendicular Recording Media

T. Shimatsu, Tohoku University


Very High Density and Low Cost Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media Including New Layer Structure: “U-MAG”

S. Matsunuma, Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Exchange-Biased Soft Underlayers for Perpendicular Recording

K. Tanahashi, HGST


Preconditioning and Recording Properties of CoCrPtO Perpendicular Media with Various Soft Underlayer Designs

N. Abarra, MMC Technology


Development of Soft Magnetic Underlayer Using Electroless Deposition

T. Asahi, Waseda University


Recording Performance Characteristics of Granular Perpendicular Media

W. Jiang, Komag, Inc.

Session C: Thursday 8:30 – 11:30 AM

New Technologies and New Phenomena at the Head-Disk Interface

Chair: Peter Baumgart, HGST


Evolution of Advanced High Performance Magnetic Recording Media: Tribological Considerations

M. Russak, Komag, Inc.


Humidity Effects in Magnetic Recording

T. Karis, Hitachi GST, San Jose Research Center


Tribology Aspects of Discrete Track Recording

H. Nishihira, Komag, Inc.


Self-Assembled Monolayer Films for Magnetic Disk Drive

J. Choi, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology


Modeling and Simulation of Particle Interaction in Head/Disk Interfaces

Q. Zeng, Hitachi GST, San Jose Research Center


Dynamic Instability of the Head-Disk Interface at Proximity

D. Bogy, UC Berkeley

Session D: Thursday 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Metrology at the Head-Disk Interface

Chair: David Fowler, Maxtor Corporation


The Physics of Disk Lubricant in the Continuum Picture

B. Marchon, Hitachi GST, San Jose Research Center


HDI Metrology: Lube, Overcoats, Topography

H. Tang, Seagate Technology LLC


Will the Numbers Add Up for Sub 7 nm Magnetic Spacings? Future Metrology Issues for Disk Drive Lubricants, Overcoats, and Topographies

M. Mate, Hitachi GST, San Jose Research Center


Effect of Radial Curvature of Magnetic Media on Glide Avalanches

S. Suzuki, Komag, Inc.


Flying Height Measurement Technology Below 5 nm

C. A. Lee, KLA-Tencor


Environmental Effect on Properties of Cyclotriphosphazene- Terminated Perfluoropolyether Lubricants

N. Kobayashi, Moresco

Session E: Friday 8:30 – 11:30 AM

Longitudinal Media

Chair: David Wachenschwanz, Komag, Inc.


The Physics of Noise Subtraction in Antiferromagnetically-Coupled Magnetic Recording Media

A. Moser, Hitachi GST San Jose Research Center


Synthetic Ferrimagnetic Media: Methods to Assist Writing

A. Inomata, Fujitsu Laboratories


Laminated Antiferromagnetically Coupled Media: Optimization and Extendibility

K. Tang, HGST


Longitudinal Magnetic Recording for High Data Rate Applications

B. R. Acharya, MMC Technology


Thermal Stability Improvement for Longitudinal Magnetic Media

B. Bian, Komag, Inc.


Thin Film Recording Media on Flexible Substrates for Tape Applications

H.-S. Lee, CMU

Session F: Friday 1:30 – 4:30 PM

Advanced Recording Media

Chair: Akira Kikitsu, Toshiba Corporation


Pseudo-Binary Alloys and Exchange Springs – Adjusting the Properties of FePt Films for Media Applications in Thermally Assisted Magnetic Recording

J.-U. Thiele, Hitachi GST San Jose Research Center


Chemically Synthesized L1o Type FePt Nanoparticles and Its Nanoparticle Arrays via Template-Assisted Self-Assemby

M. Takahashi, Tohoku University


Chemically Synthesized FePt Nanoparticle Material for Ultra High Density Recording

H. Kodama, Fujitsu Laboratories


Guided Self-Assembly Process for a Template of XY-Type Quantum Dot Recording Media

M. Sakurai, Toshiba Corporation


Design of a Manufacturable Discrete Track Recording (DTR) Media

D. Wachenschwanz, Komag, Inc.


Block Copolymer Templates for Patterned Media

T. Russell, Silvio O. Conte National Center for Polymer Research, Amherst, MA

Hotel Accommodations

The Millennium Harvest House is located at 1345 28th Street (the continuation of Highway 36), Boulder, Colorado 80302, just south of Arapahoe Avenue; +1-800-545-6285, +1-303-443-3850, fax +1-303-443-1480.

The Millennium Harvest House facilities include rooms with double or king beds, suites, non-smoking and wheel-chair accessible rooms, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, whirlpools, exercise room, basketball court, coin-operated laundry, free parking, fax and photocopy services, landscaped gardens, bicycle and skate rentals, and access to a 10 kilometer jogging/biking path.

Conference room rates are $89 plus 9.85% tax (single or double), breakfast included. For those arriving early or leaving late, the hotel is extending conference rates during the period August 7-16. Children 17 and under may stay free in the same room with parents. Complimentary cribs are available for infants. Check-in time is 3 PM; check-out time is 12 noon. Reservations must be guaranteed for late arrival with a credit card. To receive a refund, cancellations must be made 24 hours prior.

Within a 10 minute walk of the hotel are a grocery store (north), several shopping centers (north), and the University of Colorado (south).

To make reservations on line, please go to

http://www.millenniumhotels.com/MCIL.nsf/lu_hoteldoc/117$$hoteldescription?opendocument . At the bottom of the left column, under CODE, select "Group." To the right of "Group," enter 3678. Click on "Check for Availability." Alternatively, call the hotel at +1-303-443-3850 and request the rates for "TMRC" or "Magnetic Recording Conference."

If the Millennium Harvest House is sold out, the Best Western Boulder Inn (15 minutes walk south, 3 stars, +1-303-449-3800), is offering a special TMRC rate of $85 (one bed) or $90 (two beds).

Other hotels within a 15 minute walk are Boulder Marriott (north, 4 stars, +1-800-228-9290, +1-303-440-8877), Best Western Golden Buff Lodge (north, 3 stars, +1-303-442-7450), Holiday Inn (south, 3 stars, +1-303-443-3322), and Lazy-L Motel (south, 1 star, +1-800-525-1444, +1-303-442-7525). Some have limited kitchen facilities. Slightly farther is the Broker Inn (south, 4 stars, +1-303-444-3330).


Boulder is located about 50 miles northwest of Denver International Airport (DIA). Transportation to and from Boulder is available by rental car, limousine, or bus. Most rental car companies have facilities at DIA. The Super Shuttle Boulder < http://www.yellowtrans.com/yellowtrans4.htm >, a limousine shuttle, leaves DIA every hour 10 minutes after the hour, arriving at Boulder hotels/motels in about 70 minutes. The round trip fare to hotels is $38 ($20 one way). Reservations are suggested. The last shuttle leaves DIA at 10:00 PM. Phone: +1-303-444-0808, +1-303-227-0000. A Super Shuttle information and ticket booth is located in the terminal.

A regional bus service, the RTD, provides transportation between DIA and Boulder. Buses leave every hour, usually 20 minutes after the hour, depending on the time of day, from the east side of the terminal. Trip time is about 70 minutes. The one-way fare is $10 (no change given on board the bus). RTD bus information is available in the terminal. Take the "AB" bus. Ask the driver to be let off at the University of Colorado. To get to the Millennium Harvest House, either (1) walk east across the University of Colorado campus to 28th Street; walking time is about 30 minutes, or (2) transfer to the east-bound HOP bus and get off on Folsom Avenue, behind the hotel.

To help you get oriented in Boulder, the mountains are to the west.

Driving Directions from Denver International Airport

Alternative 1: Upon leaving the terminal or the rental car area, look for signs marked "Airport Exit" and "To I-70 & I-225 via Peña Blvd." Stay on Peña Blvd until it merges with I-70 westbound.

Stay in the left or center lanes to avoid exiting onto I-225 and other cross streets, and continue westbound on I-70 for about 4 miles. Watch for the I-270 exit on the right, labeled "Westminster/Ft. Collins," that comes at about 14 miles from DIA. It is also labeled Exit 279, "US-36 Boulder."

Take I-270 past Quebec, Vasquez, and York Streets, and past I-76 at 18 miles from DIA. Stay in the left lanes, until you pass under a "US-36 West/Boulder" sign at about 20 miles from DIA. (Do not exit towards Ft. Collins or to Broadway.)

Alternative 2: Take the fast, no-traffic, E-470 Tollway from Peña Blvd. to its end; continue to US-36 to Boulder. Toll = $1.75 x 3 = $5.25.

See < http://www.e-470.com/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=3 >.

For both Alternative 1 and Alternative 2: Stay on US-36 into Boulder, past the Foothills Parkway/Table Mesa/South Boulder Rd exit and past the Baseline Rd exit. US-36 becomes 28th Street at about 39 miles from DIA. The Millennium Harvest House is soon after the first stop light on 28th Street, on the left (west). If you come to the stoplight on Arapahoe Avenue, you have gone one block too far.

Recommended Restaurants:


E = expensive (call for reservations)

M = moderately priced

I = inexpensive, suitable for graduate students

Bold = Recommended Boulder experience


* = within walking distance

# = out of town

Also consult the hotel concierge or telephone directory. Most restaurants in Boulder are reasonably good.

Essentially Boulder: Natural, Organic, Politically Correct, with Low-Fat and Vegetarian Offerings

Turley's (M) 2805 Pearl Street, 303-442-2800

Chatauqua Dining Hall (M) 900 Baseline, 303-444-0873 (in the park)

Sunflower Restaurant (M) 1701 Pearl Street, 303-440-0220

* Boulder Salad Company (I) 2595 Canyon, 303-447-8272


*Fancy Moose at Millennium Harvest House (M)

Broker Inn (M) 30th and Baseline, 303-449-1752 (free shrimp)

Q's at Hotel Boulderado (E) 2115 13th, 303-442-4880

Boulder Cork (E) 3295 30th Street, 303-443-9505

# Greenbriar Inn (E) 8735 North Foothills Highway at Left Hand Canyon, 7 miles north of Boulder, 303-440-7979

Brew Pubs

Mountain Sun (M) 1535 Pearl, 303-546-0886

Southern Sun (M) 627 South Broadway, 303-543-0886

RedFish New Orleans (M) 2027 13th Street, 303-440-5858


Tra-Ling's (I) 1305 Broadway, 303-449-0400 (will deliver)

May Wah (I) 2500 Baseline, 303-499-8225

Tsing Tao (I) 607A South Broadway, 303-494-6228


Ras Kassa's (M) 2111 30th Street, 303-447-2919 (eat with your hands)


Boulder Dushanbe Tea House (M) 1770 13th Street, 303-442-4993

Mediterranean Restaurant ("The Med") (M) 1002 Walnut, 303-444-5335

# Red Lion Inn (E) Boulder Canyon, 7 km west of Boulder, 303-442-9368 ("early bird" specials at lower prices)

Rudi's (M) 4720 Table Mesa, 303-494-5858


The Taj (M) 2360 Baseline, 494-5216


Carelli's (M) 30th and Baseline, 938-9893

Cafe Gondolier (M) 1738 Pearl, 303-443-5015

Olive Garden (M) 2685 Pearl, 303-546-6506


Sushi Zanmai (M) 1221 Spruce, 303-440-0733

Sake Zanmai Amu (E) 1221 Spruce, 303-440-0807 (large selection of sake and sushi)


Casa Alvarez (M) 3161 Walnut, 303-546-0630

* Qdoba Mexican Grill (I) 28th Street and Arapahoe, 303-440-1006


Mataam Fez (E) 2226 Pearl, 303-440-4167 (eat with your hands)


Old Chicago (M) 1102 Pearl, 303-443-5031


* Dolan's (E) 2319 Arapahoe, 303-444-8758

Poster Sessions – Call for Papers

Poster sessions will be held Wednesday and Thursday afternoons directly following the afternoon technical sessions. The poster sessions are a forum for presenting and discussing new and recent developments in the field of recording media. The poster sessions will be held in conjunction with the Bierstube.

These sessions will include posters by the invited speakers, as well as contributed presentations.

TMRC attendees arriving on Tuesday, August 10, will be allowed to participate in the NAPMRC poster session to be held that evening. A Bierstube is being arranged by the TMRC organizers for that session as well.

The poster submission deadline is July 7. Please send a submission description to kurt.wiesen@greenspeedisp.net .

Display boards, 2.4 m (8 ft) wide by 1.2 m (4 ft) high will be provided for poster presentations. The title, authors, and affiliation should be prominently displayed. Include a sign-up sheet for reprint requests. Poster authors will have a set period when they must be at their posters; times will be staggered to allow discussions with other authors.

Contributed poster papers will not be published in the special TMRC issue of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, but may be submitted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics or other journals.

TMRC Banquet

TMRC has arranged for a sumptuous buffet on Thursday, August 12, from 6:30 to 9:00 PM, in the Outdoor Pavilion at the Millennium Harvest House. The ticket price for attendees and their guests is $50. The dinner speaker will be NIST’s renowned David Wineland, who will speak on “Atomic Clocks and Quantum Computing.” The menu includes green salads, over-roasted salmon, chicken breast, sirloin beef, oven-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables, rice pilaf, chocolate fudge cake, strawberry daiquiri cheesecake, fresh berries and melon, red wine, white wine, coffee, and tea. Please specify if you would like a special vegetarian meal. Please request your banquet tickets when you pre-register.

Conference Registration

Use the Conference Advance Registration form in the booklet or on the website. Payment in US dollars must be made by check (drawn on a US bank only), money order, or credit card (VISA or MasterCard only). Make checks payable to “TMRC 2004.” Purchase orders will not be accepted. Registrations not accompanied by payment will only be processed as of the date of payment. Substitutions will be allowed up to the first day of the conference. Cancellations received prior to August 6th will be refunded, minus a $25 administrative fee.

All conference attendees, including session chairs, speakers, and authors must pay registration fees. The registration fee includes admission to all technical and poster sessions, one copy of the digest booklet, daily continental breakfasts, lunches, and Bierstubes. In addition, attendees will receive a copy of the special issue of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics containing the peer-reviewed and accepted invited papers. On-site registration will take place in the Millennium Room. The registration desk will be open from 7:00AM to 4:30PM on Wednesday, and from 8:00AM to 10:00AM on Thursday and Friday. Banquet tickets are limited and must be purchased before 10:00 AM on Wednesday, August 11.

Advance TMRC 2004 Registration Form

Please type or print. To receive the special TMRC issue of IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, please give a complete mailing address.

Last Name _______________________________

First Name_____________________

Company ________________________________

Address _________________________________


City ________________________State ___________

Postal/Zip ____________ Country _____________________

Phone (______) _____________________________

Fax (______) _______________________________

E-mail _____________________________________

IEEE membership No. ________________________

Must be included for IEEE member's discount.

Registration Fee

IEEE member @ $220 $ _______________

($270 after July 25, 2004)

Non-IEEE member @ $260 $_______________

($310 after July 25, 2004)

Full-time Student/Life IEEE member @ $95 $_______________

Note $40 surcharge for on-site registration.

Tuesday evening reception/banquet: @ $50/person. Guests welcome.

Number tickets _______ Buffet payment $___________

Choose vegetarian_____

TOTAL PAYMENT $____________________

Visa/MasterCard # ___________________________________

Expiration Date (MM/YY) _________________

Registration forms will be processed only if accompanied by payment!

If paying by credit card, you may print and fax the completed registration form to (408) 554-7841.
You can also register on-line over the Internet. http://www.iist.scu.edu
If paying by check, make it payable to “TMRC 2004” and mail with the completed registration form to:
Dr. Al Hoagland, Coordinator, TMRC 2004

IIST - School of Engineering, Santa Clara University

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, CA 95053, USA

Phone: (408) 554-4032, Fax: (408) 554-7841

E-mail: kelly@iist.scu.edu Website: http://www.iist.scu.edu